Back to School Insurance Blitz

It’s that time of year everyone: the end of summer. It is time to run into your nearest Target or Walmart to stock up on notebooks, binders, pencils, and all the new school year gear. With your children getting older, it is a great time to review, and look over your insurance policies before the busy school year is in full swing. While you are checking off that school supplies list, while you’re at it, and check off your insurance policies too!

Homeowners’ Insurance

If any of your kids are approaching high school, or college graduation, there are definitely expensive graduation gifts in their future. Gifts such as laptops, tablets, TVs, and other high-priced electronics need to be protected with proper insurance. Majority of homeowners’ insurance will cover these electronics if your child is staying at a university dorm.  If your child is thinking about living off-campus, look into purchasing renters insurance. These policies will protect your child from theft/loss on and off-campus.

Car Insurance

 Do you have a teen who is either getting their learners permit or going for their license soon? This can be a scary time for parents, but a rite of passage for your kids. It is important to remember to update your car insurance to reflect these changes. There are a number of different coverage options to choose from, such as offering student discounts with a certain grade point average. If your child is heading off to college, and deciding not to take a car, your insurance premiums can decrease due to use, and if they are taking the car to college, premiums can change as well due to new location. Weigh your options, and find what works best for you, and your family.

 Health Insurance

Schools are known to have one thing: GERMS! If one kid at school has the flu, it usually becomes a school-wide epidemic. With this in mind, we must protect our kids by making sure health insurance policies provide coverage for doctor visits. By having good health insurance, it’ll relieve you of financial stress in the event your child needs medical attention.

Even if you have children in college, there are still measures you can take to provide them with health insurance coverage. Health insurance policies allow your children to stay on your policy until they are 26. But, if your child is going to school miles away, it may be tough to keep them on your policy. Consider looking into the university health insurance policies, or even individual health insurance. Usually these options are a lower-price point, and convenient.

We hope this school year is full of learning for both you, and your kids! We encourage you to reach out to Dave, at Mid Atlantic Insurance Solutions Inc. for more insight on your insurance options to keep your loved ones safe.