Is Your Home Hurricane Season Ready?

Congratulations, you have just bought your first home! Now it is time to think of interior decorating ideas, getting your new backyard summer BBQ ready, and of course invest in a reliable homeowners’ insurance plan. Homeowners insurance is defined as a form of property insurance that covers both damages to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any accidents that may occur in the home or on the property.

You would think homeowners’ insurance alone would be enough to secure your home’s safety, but there are special circumstances when that alone isn’t enough. About 80 % of the victims of the tumultuous Hurricanes Harvey and Irma occurring in Texas and Florida, do not have flood insurance. Homeowners who have significant flooding damage will more than likely have to pay out of pocket or end up in debt trying to fix their flood-damaged homes. With homeowners’ insurance, there is limitations on what type of damages are covered. Ordinary damages such as pipe bursts, fires, and thefts are what homeowners’ insurance is intended to cover. Which means in the rare and unfortunate event a natural disaster occurs, causing significant damage to your home, those damages more than likely will not be covered by a regular homeowners’ insurance policy. Homeowners who live in a natural disaster-prone area such as California with earthquakes, and Florida with hurricanes, should invest in a special coverage to insure property damages from these natural disasters are covered.

In the state of Maryland, to know your current and future flood risk status, you can visit There is a step by step process called the Flood Risk Application, created by the Maryland Department of the Environment to help you understand and make decisions based on flood risk. To fill out the application, you will fill in what area of Maryland you live in or plan to live in. After filling out all the required information, you will receive personalized results. Your results will then prompt you to which flood insurances are recommended, and how to obtain it. With this quick and simple process, you’ll be more than prepared for this hurricane season, and the ones to come.