How Isagenix Helped Me Live A Healthier Lifestyle

It was never going to be easy. Turning 40 (and the 20 years of professional desk work) was starting to wreak havoc on my waistline.  I’ve always been fairly active and, was under the assumption that losing weight would come easy. The thought of buying new clothes due to weight gain was something I always thought would never happen and that I had the will power to lose the weight.  After coming back from a family vacation and seeing the pictures, even though I was only 15-20 pounds overweight, I had enough! But what was I going to do about it? Having fewer snacks and portion control was not cutting it. With having young kids always on the run, and running my own insurance business coming with its own stress– such plans would never work. Health and personal fitness was a bigger issue for me as I wanted to be fit and healthy for my elementary age boys in the long term.

Going on a specialized, formal diet was a concept that never dawned on me. However, I soon realized I needed the personalized assistance and formality of a set plan. But I battled with thoughts of which plan would I choose, which was safe and effective, and most importantly, what would actually work for me? Elliott Carlson, an old high school friend coincidently messaged me asking if I knew someone looking to get healthier. His Isagenix plan, with a mixture of shakes, cleansings and proper diet was something that didn’t appeal to me initially. Limiting my diet and no “comfort” foods I had so become used to after a stressful day at the office were no longer possible. A 30-day program seemed impossible. Fortunately, the great personalized attention and detail of the plan was exactly the discipline I needed and allowed me to drop over 15 pounds. I felt better, looked better and most importantly was healthier with more energy. As a come up on the 1-year anniversary, I have maintained the weight loss thus proving that so called “fad diets” can work and are effective with the right amount of dedication.


Getting healthier is vital for long-term health, but also to qualify for various insurance products such as life, disability, long term care and various other health products. While I was lucky to catch the creeping weight gain before it got too out of hand, many others suffer from high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes and many other ailments because an unhealthy lifestyle. Such conditions push affordable insurance out of reach for many. Insurance products are designed to only increase rates yearly so now is the time to act on losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.