Life Insurance – The Safety Net You & Your Family May Need.

Life Insurance is a financial safety net for when life just doesn’t go your way – but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it when things are going well. It can be looked at in this way….individuals transfer the inherent risk (I.e – death…and the inevitable loss of income that’s comes with it) in exchange for a monthly premium or payment for a guaranteed lump sum payment at death. Life Insurance helps cover the cost of unexpected events such as the loss of financial income. It will provide your loved ones with financial support upon your death to pay debt, mortgage, college expenses or monthly household expenses.

Not wanting to think of one’s inevitable demise or death – the decision to look at purchasing life insurance is usually delayed. People just don’t like to plan for when they are not around and often don’t want to make a monthly payment toward something they don’t get tangible value from immediately. They also think they will have insurance with their employers but most of the time group coverage leads to them being woefully uninsured. More often than not, those people will one day leave their jobs or be laid off from their positions and be left with little or no coverage at all. Worst of all when they go to apply for coverage on the individual market – they will find a preexisting condition or advanced age makes life insurance completely unaffordable.

Getting insurance is easier than most think. Coverage is available for most coverage amounts and term periods. Applying can be done in minutes. Concerned about taking the time to get the customary medical exam….including blood work? Don’t be. The exam is done by licensed nurse practitioners in a time that is most convenient for you….at home OR work. Not wanting to take an exam at all? For those not wanting to pursue a medical exam and the “dreaded needle” can pursue guaranteed issue life insurance policies.

Before deciding to take the plunge into life insurance, make sure to consult an expert who can guide your way through selecting the best coverage for your own unique needs.