Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is not only a great time to be thankful, but a time to keep in mind important safety tips. With Thanksgiving comes hours of cooking, baking and of course, lots of food. Thanksgiving can be a fun holiday but a dangerous one as well. According to the American Red Cross, cooking is the leading cause of home fires, and home fire injuries in general on Thanksgiving Day. The American Cross also warns that Thanksgiving Day home fires cause more property damage and claim more lives than home fires on any other day of the year. This is why now it is more important than ever to be sure to go over these safety tips so you can have a safe, and relaxing holiday.

1. Keep fire hazards such as oven mitts, pot holders or cooking utensils away from the stove, oven and fryer.
2. Replace your smoke detector batteries before you begin cooking. Smoke detectors are life savers.
3. Do not leave food unattended when it is cooking on the stove, grill or broiling in the oven.
4. When using a turkey deep fryer, be sure you are using it outdoors and away from fire hazards
5. Once dinner is over, and your guests have left, be sure to make sure all candles are blown out.
6. Utilize a timer when cooking to keep track of cooking times and prevent burning the food, or potentially starting a fire in your home.

Make sure to get into the habit of reviewing your policy regularly to insure you are protected not only on Thanksgiving, but throughout the rest of the year. All policies are not the same, so it is imperative to pay close attention to yours. Anyone with a home or an apartment should have proper homeowners and renters insurance to protect yourself and your financial well-being.